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Issue 42 from June 28, 2021



TIOBE Index July 2021: Java Strikes Back — For Now

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Spring Blesses GraphQL

How to Tune Hibernate’s Query Plan Cache


GitHub Previews AI Coding Assistant

// Determine whether the sentiment of text is positive // Use a web service async function isPositive(text: string): Promise<boolean> {
const response = await fetch(``, { method: "POST", body: `text=${text}`, headers: { "Content-Type": "application/x-www-form-urlencoded", }, }); const json = await response.json(); return json.label === "pos"; }


Quarkus 2.0.1

Spring Cloud Hoxton.SR12

And Now For Something Completely Different

Candidate for “Most Terrible Chart of The Year”

  1. Although the big title is “Violent crime is a very big problem”, it doesn’t report on crime rates. The chart shows survey responses: “% of US adults who believe that violent crime is a ‘very big problem’” would have been the correct title.
  2. The chart goes from right to left.
  3. Different durations have the same length on the X-axis: 5 months (October 2018 — March 2019), 16 months (March 2019 — June 2020), and 10 months (June 2020 — April 2021).
  4. The Y-axis doesn’t start at 0 but at 35%, making the differences seem more significant than they are.
  5. The margin of error of survey responses is +/-3%, as the fine print below the survey reveals. So the “52% in October 2018 vs. 48% in April 2021” could also be “49% in October 2018 vs. 51% in April 2021”. In other words: Most differences are not statistically significant and don’t prove anything.
  6. The one statistically significant change was an 8% drop from 49% in March 2019 to 41% in June 2020. Maybe there is an explanation for this?




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